Sunday, December 23, 2007

Collegiate Ambassador for Peace Leadership Workshop – Day Three

Today, according to the schedule, we will have a ‘Treasure Hunt’ activity. And we need to work in group. Okay, group again. The best part is two of the team members need to be disabled. One person need to be blinded and one person need to be crippled. Well, I volunteered to be the blind one. I did this once, and I know it wasn’t interesting at all to be the disadvantage person in the group. Another disable person in my group was Dhara. Anyway, the race has begun and we started it brightly.

To be honest, I really feel like I’m the bane in the group. They need to guide me where to walk, where to stay. And I can hardly participate in the hunt for clue or completing the task. All I did was stay there, where they asked me to stay and stoned there until we can make the move. Thanks for that also, I’m favourite with the mosquitoes as well. Thankfully Kak Liza came and put something on my skin, mosquitoes repellents I guess and keep the tiny little creatures away from me. Thanks also for CJ, Shaffian and Jegan who took good care of me when I was blind. I did not suffer any unwanted accident, but CJ fell when guiding me, he really living for the sake of others. Hehe. In the last checkpoint, I need to rescue Dhara while the rest of my group mate giving me instruction. At this point, I just totally rely on them so I can make it to the end. After that, team Turkey emerges as a winner. They won a hamper, yet they shared it with everybody. Thank you very much Turkey for Christmas. We really had fun during this activity and we bond a great relationship between us, in the group as well other group. We fought and compete with each others, yet in a very healthy way.

After that we were shown a video clip about a great leader in Japan who managed to rescue a lot of near bankrupts hotel. What I can see from him is he is an unorthodox leader. CEO without his/her own office? Unheard of yet he can manage his hotel with a bang. He instils great trust to his subordinate, he came out with a very effective strategies and put all his trust to his employee because he knows only them can improve the fortune of their hotel. I hope I can be like that because I’m still lacking the leadership quality in me but I’m working hard on improving it.

Another activity that day was we need to highlight the strengths we can see in our group mate. Well, I think I better list down what are my strengths that my group mate can see. 1) Talkative, 2) Willing to co-operate, 3) Willing to be open, 4) Open minded, 5) Good character of a leader, 6) Willing to change, 7) Rational and very practical views.
Thank you to my entire group mate. I was really flattered yet proud when they said that. Especially the last one who came from the person who was not in my group, yet she (oops, did I just said she?) can see my strengths from outside. I appreciate that, really. Also thanks for Udesh and Kak Liza for their comments on us.

Later that evening, we had another exciting activity, ‘Unity Volleyball’. I thought we were suppose to play usual volleyball, 6 a side. But after being introduce with the rules of the game, I just blown away with exciting. We need to complete the task, 5 level overall. Most of the group managed to reach level 5. During this activity, I think the most important thing is teamwork. Without teamwork, we will fall at the first hurdle and won’t finish it. We also need to learn to trust our group mate, that they can do it. What a joyful afternoon, but really tiring. I almost was running out of gas.

Night activity started a little bit late, and we don’t have enough time to prepare and practice the sketch that we were supposed to perform. And we need to stick to the situation as well, so I can say that I was not given enough chance to be creative, or maybe I was tired. Our performance was pretty dull, same goes to the other groups; maybe we were very tired after all. The best actor goes to Acai, I do agree because he actually acts everywhere and anytime. So the gong goes to him.

After that, Mike explained about the activity that we were about to have this morning, night tracking. Everybody was quite worried but excited. The best part was somebody besides me very worried because she doesn’t have long socks. So I promised to her that I will borrow my unused socks so it will protect her from unwanted leeches. So let us see, what can my socks do to protect her from leeches. Till we meet again.

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