Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Angel, The Demon and The Cow…

Hello everybody out there. First and foremost I would like to apologize to all my avid reader (if I have any) because of lack of update on my blog. It’s been more than a month since my last post and I truly regret it. It is mainly because I am particularly very busy (or very lazy indeed) and I don’t have anything really interesting to share. My epic (!) story involving Intan is drawing to its close. I might write it later, maybe in conjunction with my 20TH birthday come this September, I already have in mind what I want to write and the title for it will be ‘Thanks For The Memories’, so if you want to know more, wait until September.

Actually, I really don’t have anything to write, I’m just damn bored and don’t know what to do. And I also realize that my honeymoon holiday is nearly over and I will start studying in less than 2 weeks time. So I better do some writing or else my frozen mind won’t be ready in times. I will be heading to UUM by the end of this month to further my study. However, we will be there only for a week before heading back to Penang where we will complete our 1st year degree there. I don’t know what of purpose going there, but I’m really looking forward for it. In one-week time, I am looking to increase my phonebook entry, hehe. So that is my goal there, haha.

Actually I have just finish surfing the web, specifically Friendster Ô where I took a look at Intan’s photos for the uncountable times. I don’t know why I still want to do that even though I am not particularly needs her around anymore. I have someone that I really love and really love me in return, no doubt about it. But I still can’t get her out of my mind, yet. It is kind of crazy but my memories toward her are immortal. Her name, her face, her smile, her laugh manages to creep in my mind every single time I breathe. I’m sorry my dear Murni, if you read this, you will surely burst into tears, but you need to know my brain condition right now. Hopefully you will help me ease the memories of me and Intan and we can make our own unforgettable memories, together and forever.

Apart from my still unstable mind, recently I think I almost manage to get a couple to split up. It is not my intention though, and I am not proud of it. In fact, I really regret that I get involve in that incident. The story is, a couple is in the midst of break up, so, I as friend of one half of the couple, decided to jump in and help them to resolve their problem. But I made a slight mistake that cause their relationship to get worse! I still don’t know the final outcome, as both of them are having crucial examination at the moment, so perhaps I can get clearer picture on their relationship after this. Now, I am praying that they can put aside their differences and get together again. Will write more if I can get their permission after this.

So that’s all folk. Forgive me if it is lousy and not interesting. If you read this piece of crap, don’t forget to leave your comment about anything, such as content, flow of writing or even grammar so I can improve myself in the future. How about the title? Actually it has nothing to do with the content, I just put it for fun. Thank you for wasting your time on this. Thank you!!!

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