Saturday, October 31, 2009

Study Season Is On!

Yay! I might be quite late but still wanna wish my friends out there good luck for your final examination. Some of us have already started their exam while some of us still waiting for the glorious date to come. I have a supposedly one free week to study (our study break has been taken to replace the H1N1 emergency break, but the lecturers are smart enough to end the 14 weeks of class a bit earlier, kudos to my lecturers) but I have make myself busy with an event, which we agree to announce it and promise to ourself that it will be our last project. So while I was busy running the project, my fellow friends has started their study earlier and I feel ashamed I only managed to properly start studying on Friday, which is 3 days shy of my first paper. But worry not, nothing to be concerned with, I will try to catch up and look awesomely confident to sit for the papers.Hehe

In case you are wondering, that is a snapshot of how my first official study session went on. We went to a nice place to study, ordered 2 ice coffees (which turn out to be 4), french-fries (double as well), one chicken nugget and one prawn noodle (if I'm not mistaken). So we spent almost four hours there, while she completed almost 10 mind map but I only managed to finish reading 2 articles which is a long way to cover the topics I supposed to finish. But still, I am happy with the session and hope we did it earlier. Way to fun and joyful (albeit it cost us some money, a lot of actually) with the music and environment that can't match my room. Hehe

So good luck for your exam ya, may you excel in your exam. I am pretty sure if you are lost in the exam, once you remember my smile, it will remind you of what you have studied. Ish, tahyul neh. Hehe.

And for my other friends, especially you Shikin and Zyra, may you all pass with flying colors and please pray this examination period will end soon so we can enjoy like before.

Take care and good luck!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Is She Eh??

From Left:
Lin, Dayah, Fath, Munirah (Slightly In Front), Nisa, Awal (Me), Putri, Unknown Entity (Suddenly Jumping Into The Picture)

From Left:
Unknown Entity (About To Attend Lecture I Think), Munirah, Chi Chung (MPP UPM), Putriana, Awal (Me)

I have collected many pictures from various sources for our grand dinner (MPP 08/09)to make a video presentation. I Stumbled across these pictures and I was wondering who she is. In the first picture she suddenly jump into the picture and pose together with us as she is part of our MPP, which is definitely not. In the second picture we took picture with Chi Chung which is  from UPM but she appears to be on her way to lecture yet manage to strike a pose in our pic.

So if you know who she is, know her whereabouts, please do let me know because she is still at large and might be dangerous to the crowd as evidence in these two photos. Hehe

TO ASHIKIN: Don't get angry with me okay. It is for fun with no intention to cause distress or tension. Purely joking. The truth is this picture make me smile. This is a proof  I know you before we met in Genting and we are meant to be friend. You caught my attention when I overheard that you watched a Man Utd match. I was thinking "COOL". Hehe. Thank for being my friend, Nurul Ashikin Bt Selamat.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Tale Of U-Turns

Familiar with this road sign? We often encounter it in the middle of congested town. Where people take the u-turn to return to the previous road or take the road that is not accessible before. But we often use it for the first purpose, right?

For some people in some circumstances, there is no way they will take that route again. Why? Because they have been there before, they have faced the problems lies with the route taken, they know well the good and the bad. They have stayed there longer than they should hoping that the bad will one turn good, but it never materialized. There is no turning back. What lies ahead is far more greater and wonderful, so why need to take that torny road again? Some would say. I hope my words goes well with you my friend, zyra. Sorry to dig up this old story but I think it will make a good story. Hehe.

Yeah, in this world, this type of u-turn does also exist. Sometime can and sometime can't, depend on your situation, the circumstances I can say. If you are driving heavy vehicle, you are not allowed to turn but if you only drive a car or a motorcycle, it won't be a problem to make turn. So in life, we often face this kind of situation also. Maybe at first we don't think we will take or will have to take that route again, because of the situation we are in. But after the situation change, we might consider taking that route again, we might be appealed by the chance presented to us, but then again, we have to think carefully, what vehicle we are driving right now. Whether it permits us to take that turn or not.
This is basically what I'm dealing with right now. Hehe. 


And the last one, the most look after sign in the road I shall say because we tend to miss the turn earlier on and will look for another juncture to turn back. Or we regret leaving that route and want to make a swift return and hope the route that we leave is still in the good condition and will welcome us. Or we take the turn because the route seems better than what lies ahead or what we have been through. There is no problem to take that turn dear. U-turn is design to cater some purposes, and it seems more positive than negative.And it seems to suit you well now, and we are 100% behind you. Don't afraid, no matter what happen, you always have something to fall back into, and we promise you we will never let you down, always there. So for Shikin, this entry is for you. Hehe.

So, that's all. I have been thinking about putting this down since Aidilfitri, now only have the chance and resource to write it down. For my 2 friends (Zyra and Shikin), I put the story of you two just to make this entry more dramatic (I'm a drama queen, remember?). Do let me know if this entry doesn't go well with you ok.

So long, and goodbye.

(Zillion of thanks to my roommate cum photographer, Mr. Fikri. Hopefully the pictures won't offend anybody or make people sleepless at night)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Rarest Piece Of Paper I Ever Have


P/S: The rare one is not the award. It is not rare, After all, half of my cohort got this for fun every semester. We even have 2 friends who got 4 flat without losing their hair studying. The rare part is me that finallly got this. Once in a lifetime maybe. And I'm not boasting, just merely sharing with friends who care.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Starting from 30TH September 2009 until 5TH October 2009, I have make myself busy by joining this activity. Basically being held twice a year, this expo is being held in conjunction with the convocation. Last semester I was in Activities Bureau and this year I go down the ladder a bit by being in the Sports & Recreation Bureau, under Activities Bureau. But it doesn't mean I have less work, because this time around I handle a sport event, which is 'Kejohanan Golf IPT UUM'. Yes, a golf tournament by a person who has yet to swing the golf iron. Hehe. Anyhow, I think we have managed to successfully organized it and I have the bragging right to tell everybody that Tan Sri VC attend and participate in my event, not so many people have reach that level. Hehe

So tonight is the night. The last night of EKUUM 22 2nd session and also the night where we (MPPUUM 08/09) will be in charge in our last big event. There will be lots of memories tattoed in my heart and my mind for the past 12 months with this group of people. I have gained a lot (experience, friends, weight!) by involving in MPP and I think this is the best thing ever happen to me so far.

So make sure you make yourself present tonight. It will be a night to be remember. Don't miss out and enjoy the night! I'm sure I will. Hehe

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