Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Wanna Watch This!

Well, well, well. I have 9 days gap for my next paper so what I do everyday is spending my time in front of my PC, playing games, listening to songs and craving for good movies. I watched 'The Ugly Truth' the other night and it is hillarious!

But the truth is, I miss watching movie at the cinema, good cinema. I miss GSC Queensbay Mall and all I can get here is Jitra Mall Cinema, which is kinda okay (better than nothing). I think I'm craving for horror movies right now, and to watch it in cinema should be good, it will drain the blood out of me. Anyway, what in cinema right now that I wanted to watch is 'Phobia II', a Thai horror movie which I watched the first installment and I shall say it's kinda good. I think I might have the chance to catch it in cinema, but I need someone to accompany me of course!, girls, no less than that.

This movie is something that I really wanted to watch actually. Is there any chance we can watch it in Malaysian cinema? Let's hope it will grace our shore sooner or later, until then, enjoy the trailer first.

Anyone want to accompany me to the cinema?? :-P
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