Thursday, December 13, 2007



Thanks again for your supports and comments. Although it is quite embarrassing to tell everybody in the world about my tragic love story and expose my own weaknesses, I still want to carry on writing here. And to all people out there, even this experience is the worse patches of my life, I wont kill myself. It is way beyond my thinking and I still can handle this, thank you for your concern. Here is the 3rd part of the story. Please leave your comment after this, thank you.

Intan: The Aftermath

I started my college life and try to forget her. After what she has done to me, I felt that I should forget her, find another girl and enjoy college life like other people. But it was harder than I thought. I got carried away and can’t easily forget her I gave her all my heart and my soul. Her name keeps flashing in my mind, her voices, her messages, her laughs, and everything about her every 30 seconds. When I want to sleep, when I want to eat, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, she always come in my mind. I really miss her. I knew that she further her study in KMK, and later on move to KUTPM to do her preparation in Medic. I heard from her high school friends that she already has a boyfriend and I’m not surprised. I tried to contact her but I can’t reach her. Nobody knows her phone number, even her high school roommate. I spent hours and hours in front of pc searching her in Friendster. Early this year, I manage to get her phone number from her high school friends that I met in IRC. I call her using different phone number. She answered the call and we have a conversation for about 15 minutes. She acted like she never did anything wrong to me while on the other hand, I was nearly cried, I don’t know why. Once again she asked a stupid question, ‘ Are we still friend?’ Silly her. She ran away from me then she asked me whether we still friend. I asked her why she did that to me, but she keep telling me that it is hard for her to tell me but she promise me that she will tell me someday. I was glad because once again I was hoping that we still could repair our relationship. I bought a new sim pack, used the same Telco with her. After that I managed to call her only once, before she started to ignore my phone call and message, again! After a while, I stopped contacting her because I see there was no point for me to keep calling and messaging her. I planned to forget her and threw her away from my life. But I still can’t forget her until now. 6 month that we spent together as a friend was the best part of my life, and the 2 years after she left me is the worst part of my life. I am suffering until now. Now she is in a university in Bandung, Indonesia, further her study in Medic. Glad for her because that is her ambition to study Medic. I was one click away from booking a flight ticket to Bandung. I planned to go there next year during her birthday, to give her another surprise. But after I think and think, why should I go there, to meet somebody that ran away from me several time. After almost two years, I think I should move on. Forget about her, all our memories and find somebody else.


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