Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hopefully You Are Not Celebrating Alone :P

Hello and hi to everybody. What a weird looking picture I put up there. After a closer look I think you finally can read the scribble up there. It is a snapshot from my planner, and yeah, that's my ugly handwriting. So yesterday (26 September 2009) I celebrated my 22nd birthday. The one I wrote up there was after I was no longer in a relationship and was a bit afraid of being alone. So how was my birthday? I don't know what to expect, or I might say I was not expecting anything. Hehe

So here goes the list.....

Udin 22nd Birthday Wishers

25 September 2009
Ila                                   – 23:59:09

26 September 2009
Shahida                        – 00:13:56 [FB]
Jinaan                           – 00:17:28
Nadiah Mansor            – 00:21:38 [FB]
Dalwin                            - 00:28:22     
Pradeep                         - 00:31:06 [FB]
Puvi                                - 00:32:14
Ashikin (Busok)            - 00:42:16 [FB]
Zyra (Ratu dinding)      – 01:04:36 [YM]
K.A                                 - 01:15:14
MPP Lin                        - 01:25:14
MPP Jihad                    - 01:26:53
MPP Munirah                - 01:27:11
MPP Khalis                   - 01:27:19
MPP Nana                    - 01:28:42
MPP Ecah                    - 02:06:34
YDP MPP Din              - 02:28:20
MPP Nisa                     - 03:02:10
Intan Najihah                 - 03:36:22
Zulhylmie                       - 03:37:08 [FB]
Elifnaz Kayhan              - 06:55:22 [FB]
Aizuddin                        - 09:15:45 [FB]
Nadiah (AD)                 - 09:45:36 [FB]
Sya                               - 10:00:41 & [FB]
MPP Hasnah               - 10:18:01
K Sabah                       - 10:39:55
MPP Wawa                  - 11:42:14
Laily                               - 12:25:44 [FB]
Lala                               - 13:04:22 [FB]
MPP Wai Yan               - 13:12:44 [FB]
Syafiqah                        - 13:23:22 [FB]
Nur Izzah                        - 14:02:32 [FB]
Azila                               - 15:45:08 [FB]
Amar Ghassani             - 15:48:22 [FB]
MPP Rai                        - 15:53:49 [Phone Call]
Noor Ain                         - 16:22:59 [FB]
Fuad                               - 17:26:17 [FB]
D’Rick                            - 17:59:26 [FB]
Kanya Nadra                 - 18:30:28 [FB]
Anem                              - 19:16:48
Yuli                                  - 19:35:44 [Phone Call]
MPP Hidayah                - 20:13:48
Nurliana                          - 20:15:56 [FB]
Juanna                            - 20:22:38 [FB]
Nik Ezzati                       - 20:34:29 [FB]
Elma Ballette                 - 22:56:09 [FB]
MPP Putri                      - 23:04:55 [FB]
Hidayah                         - 23:06:06 [FB]
Amalia                           - 23:41:46 [FB]
Ulyani                             - 23:53: 32 [Phone Call]

27 September 2009
Err                                  - 00:13:11
Aslam                            - 02:07:52 [FB]
Shah                             - 02:21:33 [FB]
MPP Salam         - 10:25:33

Face to Face
Other members of Cohort 4

and the rest that I might forget, thanks guys.

Pathetic right? Hehe. But this is the sign of appreciation deep from my heart to all of you that remember my birthday and care to wish me. I don't mind who come first as long as you are honest. Thank to all of you.

And I don't think I'm alone right on this birthday? Hehe. Good bye, take care.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swing Swing

Swing Swing. We love to swing. The feelings, the joy, the excitement, everything.
Swing Swing. We love the swing. we choose to swing the swing because we wanted to be happy, to feel the breeze, to enjoy the moment, to be exhilarated and so on and so forth.
Swing Swing. We swing slowly, getting momentum, slowly picking up the pace and in no time we are already half flying, above the ground swinging back and forth, letting our mind off the hook, just enjoying the moment of greatness, however, it might be temporary.
Swing Swing. When we are above the ground for a while, we might get tired, we get bored of swinging, we might started to get dizzy. The excitement is now gone, the exhilaration dissappear, the happiness is slowly fading away.
Swing Swing. The pace is getting slower. The swing loss the momentum, we are nearer to the ground once again. And finally we stop, both feet on the ground. Everything is gone...
Swing Swing. We get up, walking away without looking back at the swing. Will I be back later? Will I enjoy the swing of this swing later like I enjoyed just now? Most probably not. No regret, no turning back, no heartfeeling. Nothing.
[Did you think that I would cry
On the phone?
Do you know what it feels like
Being alone?
I'll find someone NEW

Swing, swing, swing
From the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love
Can you help me find a way
To carry on again?]
Inspired by a song from The All-American Rejects - Swing Swing. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1Malaysia F1 Team @ Lotus F1 Team

Whew, I am astounded when I first read the news. Suddenly the news come out and for me it is something out of the blue because I am not aware that a Malaysian team has submit an entry to join F1 race next year, and has been accepted in the 13th grid, the last confirm list for the team entry. (The 14th will be reserved to BMW-Sauber team).Click Here

According to, the team name is Lotus F1 Team, owned by 1Malaysia F1 Team Sdn Bhd and will be lead by Tony Fernandes (Founder of Malaysian-based Tune Group. This team is a joint venture of Malaysian Government and private sectors in Malaysia. Mike Gascoyne will be the Technical Director with his vast experience in motor racing previously working with Jordan, Renault, Toyota, Spyker and most recently Force India. The car will be powered by Cosworth engine and the team will be based in Norfolk, some 10 miles from the Lotus Cars factory in Eastern England. The drivers are not yet finalised but they have already shorlisted few people to drive the cars, local and international drivers.

Image from
Enough of the data, I think you guys can read from the news portal or from newspaper tomorrow onwards. I am still quite shock and at the same time excited because there will be a Malaysian team competing in one of the most expensive sports in the world. I had goosebumps when I watched Alex Yoong claims the chequered flag for the first time in A1 GP few years ago. And to watch the Malaysian team in F1 is very interesting indeed. 
Some might says this is absurd. To pour the hard earned cash in this sporting events is such a waste of money. (Remember the issues of sending the astronaut??) There will be lots of people will disagree with this move and will highlight that we can do more with the money to improve the living of the Malaysian than to put our name in the F1 map. Sure, this sports cost a bomb, and even the big companies like BMW and HONDA had pull off from the competition because they can't sustain the cost to survive in this game. And there will be a debate about how good we can perform in this unfamiliar game and can we compete with the top guns.
For me, this move is nothing but a wise move. It may sound absurd but remember when Tun Mahathir launch the idea of having our own world class F1 circuit? It was a very absurd idea also but it is now known as a masterpiece. We must think the unthinkable and do the absurd thing if we want to breaktrough from the norm and achieve great things. By having the right person in charge, which is for me Tony Fernandez is the right person to lead this team we are confident this team will scale the new height. We Malaysian loves to be pesimistic, often look on the negative aspects FIRST before we think about the positive one. With this mentality I am sure we won't go far. So lets pray this project will be successful and maybe we can see our own Jazeman or Fairuz Fauzi on the podium!
(Oh anyway, the design is quite out, maybe it is just a prototype or for souvenir purpose, but if that design vrooming on the circuit, I won't have any problem to cheer them on and proudly says it is our car)
I want to hear from you, please drop your comments!!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nothing much to say..

Hello there! How are you doing? Waiting for my new post? I'm pretty mess up right now. I have nothing much to put in here also. I am not poetic neither artistic, so without a good story, I am nothing actually. And here I am without anything to tell. Actually I have been writing an entry, which I been writing for quite sometimes, since early August yet I just can’t finish it. I’ll try to find the will the finish it anyway. A sneak peak: it’s a story about me and the girl I’m chasing after, but because we have an issue unresolved right now, so I put the story to bed first.

‘Meter’ directed by Lim Benji starring Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ), Amber Chia, Jason Lo, Baki Zainal, Matthew George and Namewee.

I can’t recall where I encounter this film first, yet after I watched it I found it interesting. This is one of those short film from ’15Malaysia’ ( Click the link and found out yourself how these brilliant filmmakers portray Malaysia from their point of view. I have already watch Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad and Potong Saga by Ho Yuhang. I can’t help but to admire their creativity and talent in giving us simple yet meaningful definition of Malaysia. High on my list are James Lee and Amir Muhammad arts. I’m still downloading though; hope can watch it real soon and share with you guys. Anyway, back to the film above, what make it interesting is the guest star is none other than our infamous KJ, he surely can act, which make me rather uncomfortable being lead by him (Sapela pandai-pandai undi dia). No doubt about that and he is talking about something related to him (FAM anyone?) which I found rather amusing. And the one that make me still awake now is the ending of the film. What is the director tries to convey? By putting KJ and the Kris? Giving away because he has more at his disposal? Think people think and don’t forget to drop your comments. Let’s discuss.

Anyway, this is my first attempt to blog like others blog. Before this my entry is like essay for final exam, but now I want to post something that is very fresh and where people can relate to. The most important thing is the reader can finish reading in less than 10 minutes. Hehe. But I will still write long-long winded story if I have the story because I love giving out details! See you later guys!
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