Thursday, December 13, 2007



This is a true story that happens to me. By revealing it all here, I’m not in the hunt to get cheap publicity, but I just want to let people know what really happen to me. But still you can consider it as cheap publicity if you want. Love it or leave it people.
--In Conjunction With My Birthday--

Who is intan??

Intan xxxxxxxx Bt xx. xxxxx is a nice, good-looking, attractive, kind-hearted, lovely girl (as was in 2003-2004) that captured my attention in 2003 during tuition class in sungai petani. At that time we only talk for a while and she only knew my name and where I come from, vice versa. After that I’ve never heard anything from her. In June 2004, I received a message from the number that I didn’t recognize, and she claims that she is Intan that I met during tuition class. So we started as a friend, she treats me really well, we exchange text messages everyday, and she always gave me a call all the way from STF, Johor. We get along very well as times goes by. During that time, both of us were preparing for our SPM. I still can remember a day before SBP Trial, she sent me a message, with “143” at the end of the message. Even the stupid person also can figure out what was she trying to say. I called her and said “ because SPM is around the corner, why not we concentrate on our study and postpone anything regarding that thing until we finish our exam”, she agreed with me but deep in my heart I’m more than happy because she was clearly giving me a response that I want. I like her so much at that time, not only because she is so cute and good-looking, but also the way she treated me, pampered me, picked me up when I was down. She is the best thing I ever had in my life. During my birthday in September, she sent me a present, and from that moment, I’m deeply in love with her. I gave her all my heart and soul. But because we still need to face the biggest obstacle right in front of us, SPM, so I kept the feeling away for a while. But I’m really confident that she also in loves with me because the way she treated me, and all the hints that she shows, such as calling me ‘abang’ and ‘sayang’. For me, as a naïve and innocent boy (haha!), never have a special relationship like this before, I take that seriously. I did belief that her feelings towards me also the same, base on her action. So at that time, we were like a couple, doing everything that most all the couple do, but because she was in Johor and I was in Kedah, we never met after the tuition, but she has a lot of plan for us to go out together in our hometown after SPM. To be continue…

More to come:

-Intan after SPM

-What have she done to me

-Where is she now?

..........and many more about me and her, stay tune.

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