Thursday, December 13, 2007

Intan Full Of Mysteries, Udin Full Of Miseries

Intan Full Of Mysteries, Udin Full Of Miseries

The title is quite catchy right? Okay, straight to the point, on 23rd February 2007, I have received a message from unknown number saying that he/she ask for forgiveness and stated than all that he/she has done to me has a reason. And the reason is he/she wants to keep someone who loves me for not blaming us (me & he/she). It was quite confusing, but by looking from the number, the message was coming from Indonesia, and yes, it was from Intan

Somehow, out of the blue, somebody that I really love message me. It’s been a year since I heard last from her. So I was really ecstatic and happy. Yes, she is the one who put me into all the miseries but yet she is the one and only one whom my heart is craving for. I never hate her; even she has successfully put me in the doldrums for the past 2 years. Losing her was the worst things happen in my life and I’m happy to welcome her back in my messy life. I ask myself why she messages me back, maybe she is feeling guilty for all the while.

I desperately want to see how she looks like, because the last time I saw her is back to year 2003, quite a long time ago. So I asked for her FriendsterÔ or MySpaceÔ but she said, later she will give it to me. Oh, what a typical her, I sensed that she was reluctant to give it. She asked me whether I have a girlfriend or not, because she wants to make it clear that she is already in a relationship. I’m okay with that because I’m also in a relationship, but I still think I want her. I’m bit crazy there. I think she was happy to know that I’m also in a relationship, she stated that she wants to know more about her and so on and so forth. But deep in my heart, she is still the one that my heart is craving for, irreplaceable.

I asked her, what does she means with her first message? It seems that the reason why she left me is that somebody that love me (?) at that time asked her to leave me. I was shocked because from my understanding, nobody really loves me (except of my family, of course) that can shoo her away from me. I’m still puzzle until now, and she said it’s her secret and she can’t tell me more about that. There I got it, a typical her that always has secrets. Mind you, she hasn’t told me about from whom she got my number from.

After 5 or 6 messages, she asked to stop messaging because she wants to study. Once again I gave her my e-mail so she can check my FriendsterÔ. I knew she wouldn’t give her e-mail to me yet, why? For heaven sake I don’t know. The next day, I message her again; she replied my first message but didn’t reply the next 2 messages. It is another typical her, I must get used to it already by now. And I’m not convinced that she will still use her current number in the future because for the records, she already change her phone number 5 times just because she wants to run away from me. This time around, I’m not giving so many hopes on her because I know her well. Intan, you are full of mysteries.

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