Thursday, December 13, 2007

Story Of My Life-So Far

Yeah!! I have finished my final examination for the foundation years. Hope I can go through to the degree level come this July. We are given 3-month break, kind of a very long break. All I do is to help my family with our business because my sister will deliver a baby in less than a month, so I think it is better for me to replace her rather than seeking other job.

I feel better now, I don’t really know why but I’m happier now. I think it is because of her. For your information, I’m in a relationship now, serious one. She came into my life and changes everything. Now I have somebody who really cares about me. I don’t need to beg it anymore. Apart from her extremely jealous behaviour, which is common but quite hard to take, she is perfect for me. Lets pray that this relationship will last long. Her name is Murni. Thank you for everything, my dear.

Apart from that, now I have Intan back in my life. Not as a lover, but as a friend, like the good old days. She contacted me and asking for forgiveness on what she has done to me. I have no problem to forgive her. I’m really grateful to have her back in my life. We constantly message each other’s, but not that frequent because she is still in Bandung and will cost us a bomb if we don’t limit our message. I’m waiting for her to come back to Malaysia, so I can meet her in flesh again after almost 3 years.

I think I no longer want to die. Now I’m stronger and willing to fight for my family. Now I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I will bravely fight to put us out of the troubles. I will not delete that post because I feel I can reflect on it in the future.

So far, I think the best academic achievement that I ever have in my life is to score Band 5 in my MUET test. It is such a joy to be a part of only 10 persons to score Band 5 in my batch, which are all English speaker. Eventhough it is near meaningless examination, and I think it is a total luck that make me score, I really enjoy that success. It is sweeter than my straight A’s in UPSR and PMR. I still think it is a total fluke, but who cares.

I still have a long way to go, path with various challenging obstacle that will lead me to glory. I must bravely face it in order to success in my life. It may sound like academic writing but this is true. Lets hope I don’t gain weight in this long break.

Thank you for your time. Please leave your comment. Till we meet again.

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