Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Reincarnation Of Me

Hello my friends out there, it’s been a while since my last post. I am really really busy or should I say, lost the drive to write. I prefer to fill my spare times watching movies or playing games, or the best damn thing is to sleep. But after a while, I need to get back to writing my blog. This is still the best way to get myself heard.

Moving on, as you know or you may don’t know, my status now is single. Yes, SINGLE. It’s official that we broke up on 4 November 2007, a day before my examination start. The reason of this should I say that we are not meant for each other. There were some problems occurred and I feel that the best thing to do was to part ways. It was not an easy decision to take but I have to for the sake of the future of her and me. I regretted on how things turn up for us, but this might be the best for us. I’m particularly very sad but I get over it already, hopefully she can get over it as well. I don’t want to blame her on what’s happening between us because it was not entirely her fault. So Murni, if you read this, I want to apologize for all my wrongdoings, my weaknesses and everything. I never capable fulfill your needs, even though I already gave my best. Maybe trying my best is not enough for you. But I do enjoy our time together and I miss your companionship. Thanks for the memories, Murni.

Being single is not that bad, I used to live like this for almost the entire part of my life. I get used to it. But the saddest thing is my phone is not ringing anymore. I often misplace it, and found it the next day. No messages no missed call, nothing. I almost forget what tune I put as my ring tone. Apart from that, I think I am doing okay. And the best part is; now I can join the ‘Single Club’ again. Lead by ‘Bachelor Of The Century’, Fatheque and his vice-leader Yazid, I am just too proud to join the bandwagon. Good luck guys!!!

By being in my condition, I cant help reminiscing the past. When I am alone, I often draw to think about my past. My relationship with other girls before this mostly turns into the drain. One night when I was alone at home with nothing to do, I opened my file where I keep all the stuff that I received before this such as notes, cards, sketches and other things. Mostly from the Iera, my love interest in high school. Many notes and beautiful sketches I received from her. We were so young at the moment, but it was nice memories to have and to keep, for the rest of my life. Intan too, I still keep the cards and the gift that she gave me on my 17th birthday. And I still have the gift that she supposed to receive on her 18th birthday but she refused to. I will keep it until I can give her what is hers. Maybe on her 21st birthday? If I could travel to Bandung, then I would meet her again, after remarkably 4 years of missing her

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that supports me through this bad patch of my life. Zul, Fikri, Yazid, Fath, Farid, Ilyana, Ila, Izzatie, Salsabila, Fazlina, Ulyani, Marini, Anis Huda, Aisha, Izan, Anis, Hanisah, Dalwin, Ainnul, Sharifah and everybody that I might forget to mention. It’s been a great help and don’t worry, Udin is back and kickin’!!!

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