Thursday, December 13, 2007

From Heaven To Hell

Hi everybody, now I’m back in IPP after one week stint of orientation in Kolej Bukit Kachi, Universiti Utara Malaysia. I really don’t feel like going before I went there because I know it is very meaningless, go there for a meaningless orientation and then head back to IPP for my 1st year degree programme of my B.Ed TEYL. After a week there, I know I was wrong to feel like that. My stay there was very fun, far more fun than I expected.

The very obvious reason why my fellow friends and I were enjoying our stay there is because 850 female new students surrounded us, 49 boys in total. The ratio is almost 1 boy and 17 girls. It was a heaven for us, to be the centre of attraction in the hall. I might sound silly but that was how I feel when we started our first programme in the hall. There were so many beautiful girls that surely make me drool over and over again. The hostel is so nice, the toilet is far cleaner, and the rest room is air-conditioned, the television has Astro decoder. But that is university standard, and I feel lucky to have the chance to be part of it, albeit we only will enjoy it to the fullest next year.

We took Bukit Kachi by storm because we were very matured compared to the other new students. Even almost all new students are 20 years old, but most of them are from STPM, fresh from school while we already spent 2 years in college. We quickly adapt and managed to shine and make our voices heard. We rise to the occasion and gained a lot of respects from facilitator and fellow new students. We are also very special because our course is very odd and one of a kind in UUM.
I feel sad to leave there, even though on Thursday we feel very relief to hear that we will leave UUM on Friday morning. But when the times come to leave, I feel very sad; maybe I feel that way because I will leave the 800 +/- girls behind. Hehe. I will wait patiently until July 2008 comes and I will go there to finish my 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th semester in UUM. 2 years there should be enough for me to enjoy my university life. It will be much more different from college life, I guess.

So what about the title? I’m sorry, I might be over exaggerate but that is how I feel when I first step my foot in my new room in IPP. From a wonderful hostel in UUM, now they throw us in one of the worse hostel in IPP. They threw us to Amra to make way for new students that will register soon. We were very comfortable in Gajus before, but Amra is really terrible. The toilet in Amra is very similar to the one I saw in documentary about World War II refugee’s camp. My bed is counting down the days to collapse (and if you put an 80 kg grown up man, like me, the days will come sooner than later). But what can we do, we are only students in IPP, college and university is very different. All we can do is study hard, and wait patiently for another two semester in IPP before we can move to UUM. It won’t be soon before long.

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