Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Intan!!!

Today is 13th of April, and I want to take the opportunity to wish Intan, happy 20th birthday! I feel joyful because this time around I have managed to call her and wish her happy birthday at 0015, Bandung time. She was sleeping, but it was okay, even it was quite hard to reach her.

On the same day last year, I was totally dejected because it was the first anniversary of me being turned down by her. And I couldn’t wish her happy birthday because at that time she was successfully hid from me and I can’t contact her at all. It is completely a different scenario this year and I’m very grateful for that.

As you all know, on her birthday 2 years ago, I planned a surprised birthday celebration for her, but to my dismay, she turned me down and refuse to come out. I was really sad and it remarks the crack on our relationship. And for your information, I still keep the present and the birthday card that supposed to be presented to her on that day. But it was the things in the past, now I’m already recovered from that, and we are in the midst of repairing the broken relationship. Lets hope we will be okay and can be good friend as the good old days.

And for you Intan, if you read this, I want to wish you a very happy 20th birthday, may this will bring you success in your life. Sadly I didn’t buy you anything, yet, because you are just too far from me, hopefully one day we will meet and I will get you something. I really hope to see you in flesh because the last time we met was in December 2003 and we planned to meet after our SPM but everything doesn’t go to plan. This time around I hope we can meet, even our status is not single anymore.

That’s all folk, thank for your time reading this piece of craps. Please leave your comment, I really appreciate it and will encourage me to write more.

Thank you.

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