Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Me Against My Blog(s)

Hi to all my avid reader (if I have any). December 2007 might be heading to its end, but I am very happy because I am very productive this month. I wrote 5 posts, all about my involvement in Collegiate Ambassador for Peace Leadership Camp in Klang, which was very great to me. I met new friends, new family, and new girls of course. During this festive season, I spend my time watching two great romantic movies, which resolves around Christmas, which are ‘Love Actually’ and ‘The Holiday’. Highly recommended for people in love, or still searching for love yet want to feel the lovey-dovey of love like me. Okay that is for the opening remarks lets go straight to the content. I want to tell you about my blogs. To date, I got 3 blogs, which are:

http://loveit-or-leaveit.blogs.friendster.com/avicenniera (Friendster’s Blog)
http://udinnstarr.blogspot.com/ (Blogspot)
http://udinnstarr.multiply.com/journal (Multiply’s Blog)

I started blogging date back on 2005. After my high school, I found myself sitting in my room, with nothing to do and I thought I got a lot of stories to share yet nobody want to hear because I was kind of loner and loser at that time. (Yazid still think I am who cares) I got myself messed up with a crush with my junior for about 4 years. And it’s been a roller coaster ride for me. So I decided to pen it down, not really, type it down should be more precise, about my story with her. I put it on my blog, which I already deleted yet I never tell anybody about that, so the story about her remains untold. Hehe. Anyway, it’s really not easy to open up your not-so-attractive life to outsider. But after a while, I found the guts to make it public and start blogging for public on Friendster’s blog. At first, I put two song lyrics and tell how that song somehow connects to me. Pretty awful right? Later on I started mumbling about something that comes to my mind. After my 6th post, only I received my first comment on my blog, from my best friend, K.A. Thank you so much my friend, without him my interest on blogging will die just like that.

Later on, I wrote about something bigger, more meaningful. I got the idea of tell-it-all about my stories involving me and Intan, my love interest. You see, when you have so many things to tell, yet nobody is around to share the pain, the best alternative is to express yourself by putting things into words, by writing. I wrote a trilogy of my so-called epic tragic love story about me and Intan that never have an ending. From those posts, I received numerous comments, advices, words of encouragement from my friends. From people that you never thought will spend their precious time to read my craps. It really makes me think that there are people out there that still care.

I attended a workshop about blogging conducted by renowned blogger in Penang. She advised to use proper English in blog so it will open up to the entire world. I used to write in with SMS language, so I decided to change. I used proper English in my blog. My blog looks pretty ‘skema’ but at the end of the day, I can see the benefit of it. My English improved, and I got 67/75 for my writing in MUET exam. Much better than getting B- in my Language Development paper, in the previous year. I also got the flow of writing, which comes only with a lot of writing. But still, my English is still far from perfect, so I will still keep on trying to improve. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I also go Gung-Ho on promoting my blogs. I love to read people’s blog, and I used to leave my blog address at the end of my comment on people’s blog. Sometimes I keep reminding my friends to read my blog. And sometimes I leave offline messages to my friends in Yahoo Messenger. Sound desperate, yet I really want more people to read my posts, especially the one that I mention in my blog. For example, my blog almost 50% of it talk about Intan, so I really want her to read, but it is still not the case until now. Hopefully she can read all those posts about her and understand how deep my feeling towards her is. Okay, enough about her, I guess.

So, I think that’s all. I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody that ever read my craps. Especially for those who always constantly check and leave comments. Trust me, those comments are seriously invaluable and I really appreciate it. Those comments spur me on to write more. So my deepest thank you goes to Werm, Kak Sabrina, CKB, Zira, Fun, Fikri & Zoul (they always have the chance to read before I publish it online), Joe, A’an, Hisham, Aisha, Vannesa, Marini, Dalwin, Wanie, K.A, Nana, Kak Hazera, and Ahlam (she is self-confessed my avid reader!) and for people that I might miss, sorry, and last but not least, to you that read this, please leave your comment after this. With all your support, I promise I won’t stop writing.

Till we meet again.


zErA'shErE said...
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zErA'shErE said...

thnx4e acknowledgement..if only i'm as hardworking as you. LOL

so many things to share but little time to spend on typing. now,i prefer picking up e phone n holler e person i want directly. save time n energy.. thou undeniable, its a waste of money. ;p

neways, hoping all e very best for u in diz 2008.. may we all be bless in every step we take in life..today, tomorrow and always.

take care

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