Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Is She Eh??

From Left:
Lin, Dayah, Fath, Munirah (Slightly In Front), Nisa, Awal (Me), Putri, Unknown Entity (Suddenly Jumping Into The Picture)

From Left:
Unknown Entity (About To Attend Lecture I Think), Munirah, Chi Chung (MPP UPM), Putriana, Awal (Me)

I have collected many pictures from various sources for our grand dinner (MPP 08/09)to make a video presentation. I Stumbled across these pictures and I was wondering who she is. In the first picture she suddenly jump into the picture and pose together with us as she is part of our MPP, which is definitely not. In the second picture we took picture with Chi Chung which is  from UPM but she appears to be on her way to lecture yet manage to strike a pose in our pic.

So if you know who she is, know her whereabouts, please do let me know because she is still at large and might be dangerous to the crowd as evidence in these two photos. Hehe

TO ASHIKIN: Don't get angry with me okay. It is for fun with no intention to cause distress or tension. Purely joking. The truth is this picture make me smile. This is a proof  I know you before we met in Genting and we are meant to be friend. You caught my attention when I overheard that you watched a Man Utd match. I was thinking "COOL". Hehe. Thank for being my friend, Nurul Ashikin Bt Selamat.


shikin said...

siot ko gemok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mok mok mokkkkk. ko memang la! kate aku entiti. tak patot tol lah. memang nak kena la ngn aku neh. siap la. ko memang nak kena gulai ngn aku. tnggu abes exam. hahaha

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

nehh..xpedas btol kan?lawak sehh...yg satu tuh sme2 mpp uum ko lak ade...then yg 2nd tuh pose cm nk pg kuliah...ape ke hey nye la onah...ish2

shikin said...

ekh biar la cik fatimah nak g belajar semangat habes neh. ko la dok mengedix je ngn perempuan2 cun kat situ kan. pancing baikkkk punya. hahahhaha.

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