Monday, October 5, 2009


Starting from 30TH September 2009 until 5TH October 2009, I have make myself busy by joining this activity. Basically being held twice a year, this expo is being held in conjunction with the convocation. Last semester I was in Activities Bureau and this year I go down the ladder a bit by being in the Sports & Recreation Bureau, under Activities Bureau. But it doesn't mean I have less work, because this time around I handle a sport event, which is 'Kejohanan Golf IPT UUM'. Yes, a golf tournament by a person who has yet to swing the golf iron. Hehe. Anyhow, I think we have managed to successfully organized it and I have the bragging right to tell everybody that Tan Sri VC attend and participate in my event, not so many people have reach that level. Hehe

So tonight is the night. The last night of EKUUM 22 2nd session and also the night where we (MPPUUM 08/09) will be in charge in our last big event. There will be lots of memories tattoed in my heart and my mind for the past 12 months with this group of people. I have gained a lot (experience, friends, weight!) by involving in MPP and I think this is the best thing ever happen to me so far.

So make sure you make yourself present tonight. It will be a night to be remember. Don't miss out and enjoy the night! I'm sure I will. Hehe


rj.zyra said...

okay, im coming.
Red carpet please :P.

shikin said...

yeah. i'm coming too (dalam mimpi LOL:P)

AiMiE HaRmELiA said...

waa... rajin nampak

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