Saturday, October 31, 2009

Study Season Is On!

Yay! I might be quite late but still wanna wish my friends out there good luck for your final examination. Some of us have already started their exam while some of us still waiting for the glorious date to come. I have a supposedly one free week to study (our study break has been taken to replace the H1N1 emergency break, but the lecturers are smart enough to end the 14 weeks of class a bit earlier, kudos to my lecturers) but I have make myself busy with an event, which we agree to announce it and promise to ourself that it will be our last project. So while I was busy running the project, my fellow friends has started their study earlier and I feel ashamed I only managed to properly start studying on Friday, which is 3 days shy of my first paper. But worry not, nothing to be concerned with, I will try to catch up and look awesomely confident to sit for the papers.Hehe

In case you are wondering, that is a snapshot of how my first official study session went on. We went to a nice place to study, ordered 2 ice coffees (which turn out to be 4), french-fries (double as well), one chicken nugget and one prawn noodle (if I'm not mistaken). So we spent almost four hours there, while she completed almost 10 mind map but I only managed to finish reading 2 articles which is a long way to cover the topics I supposed to finish. But still, I am happy with the session and hope we did it earlier. Way to fun and joyful (albeit it cost us some money, a lot of actually) with the music and environment that can't match my room. Hehe

So good luck for your exam ya, may you excel in your exam. I am pretty sure if you are lost in the exam, once you remember my smile, it will remind you of what you have studied. Ish, tahyul neh. Hehe.

And for my other friends, especially you Shikin and Zyra, may you all pass with flying colors and please pray this examination period will end soon so we can enjoy like before.

Take care and good luck!


AiMiE HaRmELiA said...

Thanks.. I nak final next week

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

ngeh ngeh..leh la stadi kot..leh kurangkan ke KB mall rasenye...hehe

shikin said...

heheeh. name aku ade lagi. popular la aku kat blog ko neh. ho yeah. ho yeah. haha. hey bro. good luck to you 2. may you pass with flying colours too. ganbattene!!!

anisizatyA.J said...

goodluck! :)

sya mansor said...

kitorang dah habes la me dah..
tapi lepas exam hidup cam xde arah tujuan le pulak. xtau nak buat ape weh. gile sedih idop

btw, good luck to all of u there :)

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