Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Tale Of U-Turns

Familiar with this road sign? We often encounter it in the middle of congested town. Where people take the u-turn to return to the previous road or take the road that is not accessible before. But we often use it for the first purpose, right?

For some people in some circumstances, there is no way they will take that route again. Why? Because they have been there before, they have faced the problems lies with the route taken, they know well the good and the bad. They have stayed there longer than they should hoping that the bad will one turn good, but it never materialized. There is no turning back. What lies ahead is far more greater and wonderful, so why need to take that torny road again? Some would say. I hope my words goes well with you my friend, zyra. Sorry to dig up this old story but I think it will make a good story. Hehe.

Yeah, in this world, this type of u-turn does also exist. Sometime can and sometime can't, depend on your situation, the circumstances I can say. If you are driving heavy vehicle, you are not allowed to turn but if you only drive a car or a motorcycle, it won't be a problem to make turn. So in life, we often face this kind of situation also. Maybe at first we don't think we will take or will have to take that route again, because of the situation we are in. But after the situation change, we might consider taking that route again, we might be appealed by the chance presented to us, but then again, we have to think carefully, what vehicle we are driving right now. Whether it permits us to take that turn or not.
This is basically what I'm dealing with right now. Hehe. 


And the last one, the most look after sign in the road I shall say because we tend to miss the turn earlier on and will look for another juncture to turn back. Or we regret leaving that route and want to make a swift return and hope the route that we leave is still in the good condition and will welcome us. Or we take the turn because the route seems better than what lies ahead or what we have been through. There is no problem to take that turn dear. U-turn is design to cater some purposes, and it seems more positive than negative.And it seems to suit you well now, and we are 100% behind you. Don't afraid, no matter what happen, you always have something to fall back into, and we promise you we will never let you down, always there. So for Shikin, this entry is for you. Hehe.

So, that's all. I have been thinking about putting this down since Aidilfitri, now only have the chance and resource to write it down. For my 2 friends (Zyra and Shikin), I put the story of you two just to make this entry more dramatic (I'm a drama queen, remember?). Do let me know if this entry doesn't go well with you ok.

So long, and goodbye.

(Zillion of thanks to my roommate cum photographer, Mr. Fikri. Hopefully the pictures won't offend anybody or make people sleepless at night)


shikin said...

awal: hey bro. thx!!!! terharunya. kau memang betul. dan ko memang faham ape aku rasa sekarang! (neh baru kata sahabat sejati weh. :P) totally! kau beri kata positif tapi ade yang beri kata negatif untuk aku. mungkin mereka sayangkan aku. tak mau lihat aku bersedih untuk kedua kalinya. aku faham. tapi. aku dah bulatkan hati. aku pasti dan aku redha dengan perkara yang mendatang nanti. tapi apa yang banyak aku buat sekarang. DOA dan aku percaya. i deserve to be happy again. :)

pss. fikri amek gamba ekh. kem salam kat die ekh (mood: gatal. saje je nak kasi ko jeles. hahaha)

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

dah2 jgn menggatal..lbey ek...hehe..org kat france cmne??hehe...jgn lpe highlight sme bahagian tau sbb blog aku biasenye ade part2 yg aku kaburkan tulisan nye,,,hehe..beb, dis entry is for u lah...zyra xde plak kan..badly need to hear comment from her

sya mansor said...

dah macam esei SPM.
tapi ade betulnye. something worth to think bout

p/s: metaphors, symbols semua kau gune ni..

shikin said...

awal: alah bro. awatnya tak britau awal2 yang ko ade transparentkn word. hahai. bukan salah aku la ekh. hohohooh. lagi terharu. utk aku siot...haha. btw thx again lah kerana sudi tulis entry psal aku. sok2 aku plak wat entry psal ko ekh. hoohohoh

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

@syikin:haha...kan aku dh ckp ko nye sudden change of heart make me wanna write an entry 4 u...including u sebenanye sbb it was me kot yg memula thinkin of doin u-turn.,,hehe...tp xjd sgt la,,hehe

@sya:ye sy ske tulis esei spm..hehe...wanna be creative writer lah..syiok jugak instead of blogging rini makan apa n buat apa...hehe

rj.zyra said...


simply because I know where I stand ;)

oklahh awal wa caya sama luuuu.
love love love this entry, spot on, totally get it, so AWESOME.


ok sorry cik salmah terlebih excited, baru balik climbing sebenarnya :) sorry lama tak ym ( tapi you bukan ada pun kan ) , i tgh mogok sbb hari tu ym buat hal, so malas nak online buat seketika.

p/s: suka la awak taruk waktu solat belah kanan, sbb selalu solat dlm study room ni. kalau nak check waktu slalu kena gi bilik depan, takut was2. now i laptop and open ure page je dah tau ;) hehehe
dapat pahala k ! haha

anisizatyA.J said...

banyak gila gmbr dgn signboard u turn hahahaha maybe i should get a pic with one too. LOL and yeah ppl byk tgk signboard x boleh u turn tp still nak u turn jugak ie.saya. hehehe

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

@cik salmah:supposely i want to write about me wif the u-turn jek...then ble shikin dh lovey-dovey n me cm clear jek xkan amek dat u-turn, so decided to put the stories..n u as well even urs is not so recent but just to make the story interesting..kan2??hehe...
yerp, same la...waktu solat tuh handy...lgpun i agak obsessed ngan blog sendiri so asyik bke blog je so sng ada waktu solat...hehe...saya xpoyo tau...hehe

@anisizaty:haha...ada lg byk amek masa photoshoot tu tp tak lulus lpg la (lembaga penapisan blog!)..hehe...so letak yg kurang poyo lah...hehe..my cameraman say i shall take more photos wif road signs as he says it will make an incredible story..i will do it later


The Exquisite Instigator said...

huhu. bkn smue pic nie pic u-turn kn. u edit kn. huhu

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

@cik ilyana:eh eh gamba btol la...sme u-turn..i edit bg cerah sket jek sbb gelap..tgh mlm...yg biru tuh i edit sbb ada tulisan kt bwh tuh so padamkan je...UUM byk road signs tau..pasnih nk pg tgkp gamba lg la...hehe

AiMiE HaRmELiA said...

wahh... nice entry..
but i personally love it when u pose with those signboards..huhu

shikin said...

awal: ko tgk! sebab aku. idea ko ntok tulis neh. pastu ramai org bagi respond. so berterima kasih la kat aku. blanje aku makan! ahahha.

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