Monday, June 14, 2010

Your Call

I'm waiting for your call.

Like the lovely song above, I'm dying to listen to her voice. It's been awhile since the last time we speak. I've been going through some very depressing situation and everything I do is for her. There is no more 'we', only 'I' and 'she' and I want the best for her, even it means I'm the one having to deal with 40 kinds of sadness.

Everything I see reminds me of her, such a cliche. Hehe. The white car, the songs, the cupcakes, the bangles, YM, Skype and every single detail that make my head spins. I think it is pretty normal for a guy to suffer after a break up. Relationship hangover.

I thought I gonna handle this well. Well, I'm proven wrong. No such thing as easy break-ups. Even though I know it will come and I prepared myself, the outcome is still pretty much the same. I'm devastated, suffering from a severe 'I-Miss-You-Come-Back-To-Me-Please' syndrome. I have to find a cure.

 Don't call me, I will be fine. Time will tell.


cindir-rela said...

woo...i never thought that man will suffer like this when break up...

coz every single man i know like very happy-to-go when they break up wif sombody...

just work will help u:)

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

@cindir-rela=yerp, thnx 4 reading..ade jek guy cmni..break up is nvr easy..i suffered a lot in relationship,heck this blog might be turned into 'blog jantan frust' lepas neh..hehe..joking..neway thnx 4 reading ya

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