Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Miss About Us

Good things never last, at least for me.
The good part of it is I foresee it so I was prepared for this moment.
A month of awesomeness, only a month but I enjoy the moments to the fullest, I seized the day, seized the chance with both hands and never regret it.
Some of the things I miss about us: 
·         I woke you up every single working day exactly at 6.15 am. Sometimes you wake up earlier but sometimes my calls fail to wake you up and you end up late going out to work. Get a really loud alarm clock after this okay.
·         Our first date. It was so hard to say goodbye and let you go.
·         Every time I uttered my cliché sentences, you will say that I bluff. But I know, you were swayed by my cliché.
·         To discover that your feeling for me is genuine and it was you who started to acknowledge it first.
·         Your driving skills. What on earth a KL driver asks me for directions every time you were uncertain about where to go, most of the time. I would love to be your co-pilot again though. A certain joy ride.
·         The way you look at me. It’s haunting. I swear I never felt that way before. My hair tingles.
·         The way I carried myself in this relationship. I feel I did well, I certainly became a real me in this relationship, way better than I was in two previous relationships. The secret is you. Your maturity allow me to become a real me, sometimes too childish and acts like a child and sometimes take a lead. We compliment each other well.
·         I love when I hear or see you giggle. It spurred me to crack more jokes, just to see you laugh and happy.
·         Our weekend. You are the reason I went to my moral class without night sleep. You are also the reason I always pumped up and all smile during that class on Sunday.
·         How anxious I was every night to wait 12 o’clock so I can call you, have a nice chit-chat and bid you goodnight. Trust me I never feel so anxious to wait for midnight and 6.15 am and I will never will after this.
·         We are perfect for each other, but the time and the situation is never on our side.

Sorry guys, another 'jiwang' entry. Will be back to the usual me, don't worry.


antara said...

hey.. chin up. chest out. rainbow after rain. ^^

schuhada attarmizi said... sounded so familiar. i went thru the same phase too. but heck, when its gone u'll be surprised at how easy it was. u thot life was gonne be friggin tough and what not. but no. it goes on.

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

another twist of even..she came back..this weekend

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