Monday, April 5, 2010

Raja Drama

I haven't been writing much lately.

Well you can blame on my hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.

Anyway, in the mean time, as you guys already know, I spend most of my time in front of my PC. I'm hooked with TV series! Sorry great box office movies, now I feel staring at the monitor for 1 1/2 hours is torturous
and excruciating. 20 minutes or 40 minutes for an episode of TV series suits me well. 

My obsession towards How I Met Your Mother is very well known and documented, well you can check here and here. I go 'ohhh' and 'wahh' everytime Dr. Gregory House and his team solve their patients' disease riddle, so yeah, I'm an avid follower of House  as well, now in season 6, I'm craving for the latest episode. I do enjoy Flashforward as well, a show of sci-fi and thriller put together, kind of similar to LOST but heck, this one is compelling enough for me to wait for every new episode. CSI series never failed to amuse me, I think every single episodes is fascinating for me, but I prefer the original CSI with Grissom and CSI:NY than CSI:Miami. But still if playing in AXN, I will still hooked and one thing about CSI, I just can't take my eyes from the screen and from the subtitle. Or else I will lost. So if suddenly I reply a message saying 'I'm off to bed' at 11.30 p.m, I might just say it to focus on the show. And the latest series that gets everyone buzzing and humming is Glee. By now, all gleeks is waiting for the second half of the first season and we can't wait for April 13th to come. After every episode I watch, I will surely open my 'Karaoke' folder and sing. This show just make you wanna sing! 

 One thing I still couldn't chew, what the heck with their TV programme schedule? Why a series supposedly slotted on Mondays 2000 ET/PT (HIMYM) got no new series for a fortnight?? Why a series has a mid season hiatus? And why take a break for winter olympic? Well, we definitely don't know how their TV works aren't we? We just wait haplessly in this part of the world waiting for a new episode. Yeah, I'm a drama king.

 Look closely, I even installed a 2nd clock, US time.

 My watch list. You can do the same at

Cik Aness, jom duet lagu neh. Ahaks

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Anonymous said...

Buddy..thanks for visiting my hubpages and for offering me words of encouragement. you keep on writing too.

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