Friday, April 16, 2010

Old Story New Movie

The other day, my best buddy and I were having a conversation when she suddenly pop up a question
 'bila cerita Lagenda Budak Setan keluar ek?'. And then for next 30 minutes we spent the time discussing and reminiscing the story that we both read at our early ages, and weep like there is no tomorrow

I'm one of few guys who reads Malay novels. Well blame my 3 sisters, after I finished school they pass me their collection of Malay novel and their only brother has turn on the sensitive side of him for far too much.

Anyway, I believe many of you guys out there read this novel also right? And in awe of how great their love is. We have our own portrayal of the story and now the long awaited movie will finally grace the silver screen. I am not expecting fireworks here but hey, I would love to see this movie in the cinema. I might bring my 3 sisters along, well along with their children and weep together. He he.

So enjoy the trailer. Woo Lisa Surihani just stole my heart once again. Lucky Farid Kamil, always got the chance to hug her. I'm jealous.

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