Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How I Met Myself

How I Met Myself
'How I Met Your Mother'
This entry is pretty of a tribute to the series 'How I Met Your Mother'
And yes, that is just a title, I think I found myself long ago I can't recall when.

Barney Stinson
Well, most people watch this series  just to see Barney's antics. Self professed womanizer and serial sleeper, everybody wish to be like him. I am no different. Who wouldn't right? Hehe. Anyway, after watching this series, I'm so hook up with Barney's prosopopoeia that I found myself asking for 'bump' every time I make a weird joke, have a fond for wearing blazer anytime I see fit (well, I don't own a suit yet, blazer is the closest to suit that I own, so blazer up!), try adhering to the 'bro code', fall for Robin since the pilot episode (and subsequently to her boobs), used to be naive, and have a very different ideas about relationship, because I am (or want to be) legen...wait for it...dary! So, have you met me? I'm awesome!

Ted Mosby
No matter how hard I try or anybody tries to be as cool as Barney, no we are not Barney and we can't be him. We have been left at the alter (or left anywhere), said 'I Love You' too early, thinking someone is 'the one' but they are not or the other way round, will do everything for love (rain-dance;check, big teddy bear;check, delivered a bouquet of flower on valentine's day that cost 10 folds;check, wait the whole day for the girl to pass by just to see her smiles;check), and many more. Some disturbing finding though, now I realized I have been correcting people, most notably grammar mistakes and factual mistakes. Example, someone's status on Facebook stated 'I'm died', I will comment 'it should be I'm dying or I'm dead'. Annoying right if people keep on correcting you, so I will learn not to straight away correcting people, I don't want (or don't want to admit) to be called a cut from the same cloth as Ted Mosby.

Robin Scherbatsky
A hottie in this series. I'm not her in any ways but something that I can relate to her now is the unwillingness to commit to a relationship. Naah, I don't have any to deal with anyhow, but if the issue persists, I will back off just like her for some reason. Don't worry I'll explain in the next episode, or err, next entry,

Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin
They are the best couple ever that none of us want to be. Super adorably cute and loyal to each other. Geez, what a fairy tale. Their affection to each other has become a joke for their friends so I don't want to be like them. Marshall is like a dog, easily freaks out and eat a lot to control his emotion. But I love the term lawyered though. And I like to sing every time I'm happy as well, so that's my only connection with Marshall. Lily on the other hand is pictured as the most morally inclined member of the five-some, yet she is a kindergarten teacher, what on earth it could happen? Oh wait, I'm a future teacher so I reserved my comment on her. Hehe. All in all, they are both cute in their own ways. Yay!

So,for those who hasn't watch this series, go and get it anywhere you can. It is seriously a fun to watch and teach me about relationship in great length and details. If you don't believe me, just ask Anis Izatty and Afiqah, my fellow bloggers. So till the next episode, or err, next entry, good bye.

Some of the videos you might be interested to see. Especially for Barney's fans out there.


anisizatyA.J said...

Well written! Spread the love for himym hehe

shikin said...

ok ok. i can SEE that you are hook up with HIMYM obviously.

ok la nanti aku tengok la cerita neh kayh. smpai buat entry pasal neh tuh yang takle blah. :P

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