Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Gift Of Life

Ever wonder what happen to our body after our time is up (read:DEAD)?

Well, basically speaking from a layman point of view, (with a bit of reading, of course) few minutes after we exhale our last breath, the heart will stop beating and the heart will stop breathing. The cells in our body will stop receiving blood and oxygen. Our organs and tissues will stop working one by one (may vary) and later our body will decomposed. Our precious organs and tissues will rot and die with us as well, what a waste considering we already don't need it!

Some statistics:
  • 11 000++ patients still waiting for organ and tissue transplants
  • 11 000 patients are waiting for kidney donation, 25 patients for liver, 6 patients for heart, 4 patients for lung and 3 patients for both heart and lungs
  • 147 092 already registered to donate their organs - less than 1% of Malaysia total population
Data from The Star

If we pledge to donate our organs and tissues, we won't lose anything. Yes I know we lose our organs and tissues but we don't need them anymore because we are no longer alive! And yes for my fellow Muslim out there, there is no problem with donating our organs and tissues. Check the statement here and for other religions here. If we donate two kidneys, we can save the life of four people. That's a lot and it is so wonderful to think that our unfortunate demise will save the life of others, how beautiful. We die contributing something. So make up your mind now and you can save other by pledging to donate your organs, ONLINE here. I've registered!

Few steps to be taken after you register. Make sure you inform your family about your intention and tell them how noble their son/daughter is by pledging to become organ donor. Tell them that it is your gesture of departure from the world by allowing your good organs and tissues to continue serving other people and help them to carry on their live. Part of you will still alive and always be remembered for the good deeds. Family consent is very important because even though you already pledge to donate organs but still they have the rights to stop the procedure. So it is very important to tell them and get their consent as well.

Thank you for reading, please spread the message. We need more organ donors and we never know when we will be taken for good.

For more info, please go to A Gift Of Life


saya said...

organ donor?? will think about it.

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

y not?it's noble thing to do

schuhada attarmizi said...

i just registered. thanks!

jaytea abdul said...

registered! :D

sya mansor said...

dulu terfikir juga nak buat, but now im not sure

Elia Si Jejariruncing said...

waahh..what a coincident.. my last final BEL exam paper was about organ donations.. rugi tak baca entry ni awal2..dah leh tmbah point yang ada..btw i support this noble intention..maybe some day i'll do it

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

hye all..thanks for reading and thanks for writing ur own entry about this topic..spread the words on this noble thing!we can make a difference

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