Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm single.
Maybe that's just who I am.
And you know what? I like being single.
Being single's the best.
Yeah, stay out as late as you want.
Answer to no one.
The whole world full of endless possibilities.
Never having to go to a farmer's market.

Okay. Ah... doing some math here.
Table six has got three bridesmaids: an eight, an eight, and a seven.
I am willing to give you one of the eights, lowering myself to a 15,
which means you owe me...

Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson
How I Met Your Mother S01E12 The Wedding

Okay, yes, it's a mistake. I know it's a mistake.

But there are certain things in life where you know it's a mistake but you don't really know it's a mistake because the only way to really know it's a mistake is to make the mistake, and look back, and say, "Yep. That was a mistake."
So, really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake, because then you go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not.

Lily Aldrin
How I Met Your Mother S01E21 - Milk

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