Sunday, June 7, 2009 evening in BALI!

It seems ages since I last post an entry. And I think I have lost some (or all!) my avid readers. Thousands and millions apologize for all of you. I hope I will find the passion to write again after this. Thanks for all the supports so far okay. Now I will try to narrate my experience in Bali which I pay a visit recently for a convention organized by UUM. (It’s getting boring Udin, spice it up!)

Allow me to skip the first day of us there. Because it was rather plain and nothing. Kinda cliche if i write it out here. So the fun started on the 2nd day there and our last evening there before jetting back to Malaysia. On that afternoon, we were given time to 'jalan-jalan' in Bali, mainly in Kuta area where we were situated.

The organizer plans to take all of us to one so-called shopping area in Bali where we can buy stuff. So they provide us with a bus and take us there. We were given about 3 hours to shop there. The place is not that big, and I personally was not satisfied with that place. But I still spent quite lots of money there, just buying shirts and dresses for all my 'anak-anak' (nieces and nephews la!'. I am so happy that for the 1st time i managed to buy attires to all my 7 nieces and nephews. What an achievement. Hehe. After spending some time and money there, we went back to our hotel and this is where the fun begun!

Most of us decided that it was not enough and planning to go out again. And this time on our own. We went out again, walking in a big group. Some of us wanted to eat, but some clearly not interested to eat. I rather hungry than spending my precious and limited time to search for food stall (then doubting to eat the food). After walking without direction for a while, some of us decided it was too tiring to walk and decided to go back to hotel. Astalavista bebeh, don't you know it is very hard to be there yet you were complaining of tiredness? So now our group become smaller and have one thing in mind, DISCOVER BALI NIGHTLIFE!!

Not what I expected actually. When the clock hits 11 P.M, the street getting quieter and most of the shops, bars and stalls were closing down. A far cry from another Asean tourist attraction, Phuket where the night life is rather 5 times more happening than Bali. Okay, back to our story. After sheltering from raining in a bar where we drinks Fanta for 9 000 Rupiah = Rm 3 (we paid 10 000 Rupiah, keep the change) we began strolling down the street. I was wondering, "where are we heading". Then suddenly "massage jom!" followed by "jom!!!" from all of us. Hehe. We found one massage center and we entered. It was enjoyable experience to get massage from Bali. It is so cheap. As you may see, we were enjoying the massage and worry not, the 'tukang picit' are men. Hehe.

After massaging, our feet feel so light and we were ready to walk thousand miles again. Not far from that is the famous Kuta Beach where Asean surfer hone their talent of surfing there. The beach is very beautiful. Actually we saw something very shocking and new for us there. We were so focus on the event until we forgot to snap a picture. That was an eye opening for me, really. After that, we end up in front of the famous Hard Rock Cafe Bali and frantically snapping for photos. Let me share some of it.

We arrived in our hotel at about 3.30 A.M and we sleep with a smile on oor face. What an experience!


The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. more than a year since ur last post!

Awal udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

i'm back!hehe

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