Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bang Bang

This year started with a bang.

Or some bangs.

Okay so where shall we start? First and foremost, I would like to make a simple announcement. I'm officially OFF the rack. Yes you heard it right, the ever single Awalludin is not single anymore. One of my new year resolutions is to make her says 'I do' and I excel in that. Yay! So in 2011, Udin is no longer a single sorry chap, but  a loving boyfriend and hopefully a good future husband. Hehe. (Says who? I said that!)

Another wonderful thing happens, as the saying good things happen to those who wait. In my 4 years of degree, I only got on the dean's list once. Refer here. And I never expected to emulate it again. The papers are becoming harder and I'm becoming slower (or bengap-er). But to my surprise, I strike again, and this time, I got way higher than before. Maybe this is a rezeki from ALLAH, I'm truly grateful. So in this opportunity, I would like to thank all my friends, especially my group mates from various group works that contribute a very significant impact to the final CGPA. Here is the list of honor.

Zul Hylmie

Zul Hylmie


Azhan Zaffuan

Zul Hylmie
(Story Telling)

It's awesome to have you guys as group mates. We worked well and we strike gold! You guys rock! And to thanks for accepting a lazy bum like me into the groups!

And last but not least, a thousand thanks to my girl, Yasmin. You helped me a lot during the difficult period and now we both ripe the rewards. Thank you dear!

Thanks for reading this! Credit to CBS for the Bang, Bang Bangity Bang clip from How I Met Your Mother series. It is taken from episode 17th of the 5th season 'Of Course'. If you haven't watch the series yet, go watch it!


Yasmin said...

tahniah sayang....

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...


naomiashikin said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. dah tauuuuu! finallyyyyyyyyy!!! oiiiiii introduce lah kat akuuu. cepatttt. heee

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

@naomiashikin:alaa nnt2 la...hehe

blossom said...

hehe, tx to u too udin! =D
looking forward to know who steals ur heart away.. hehe =p.

armwrestler said...

dude...congratulations. both, on your results, and on your relationship. =)

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

thnx thnx!

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