Saturday, January 23, 2010

Educational Talks

Hye guys, you see, I rarely talk about education. I scored so-so in every semester, I hardly study (the only time you guys can see me studying is the last 2 weeks of every semester, which goes by the name study week), I'm usually daydreaming in the class (but I never sleep in class, rarely), not too good participating in class discussion and not a good presenter.

Okay, this will be my last semester in UUM, after this I will be shipped back to Penang to finish our final year plus practical. I only have 4 subjects (plus co-curriculum) which means my class hour is 12 hours per week (plus 2 hours for co-curriculum which will be dragged to 4-5 hours according to activitiy we are force to do). It is supposed to be very light and I will have more time to focus on each and every subjects. But until this point I haven't give my 100% to academic purposes yet, because of a very simple reason, we haven't receive our allowance yet. What is the connection? Well, without money, we are in distress and we can't focus on anything, especially academic stuff. So lets pray for our allowance to come in and I'm ready to focus on my study. I promise (after I get the allowance I will splash the money on a brand new pc, which I will spend endless hour watching HD movies and playing Football Manager 2010)

So here is a sneak peaks on my subjects that I will have to endure at least until April, with the task I'm supposed to do throughout the course.

Co-Curriculum - Social Service
Well, don't puke. I know how bad it sounds but believe it, it is worse than it sounds. Okay, the first things that irritate me is we are already in the sixth semester and still need to attend Ko-K (nama manja). In UUM, all students need to take Ko-K, for four(4) semesters, and usually the students will start taking it from the first semester and they will finish it in their fourth semester, or some people started in second semester and will finish in their fifth semester, top. But we, as weird as we can be, start taking Ko-K in the third semester (because we spend our first and second semester in Penang, we were the offshore students) thus we only will be able to round up our Ko-K this semester. Pheww. We are the oldies and still dress in Ko-K attire. Apart from that, our Ko-K tasks are too demanding and need a lot of money, time and commitment. First, we have to do some tasks, which required us to go to two schools, a primary and a secondary school and do some 'Fun with English' day. Second, for our official outdoor activity (goes by the name Kegiatan Luar Kampus, KLK) we have to organize and participate in more in depth social service where we will go to some 'kampung' and held various activities, especially in giving more exposure about the usage of English to the rural children. That will be in February where we will be going to Kampung Kuala Kerpan, Jerlun, Kedah and stays with the 'kampung' folks. I will enjoy it, I promise. The third one is we are going to handle the Co-Curriculum integration day, and I still don't know yet what we are having. I offer my condolescene to all party that involves, at least I'm not responsible to handle any of these things and I'm relief.

Moral Issues
This is my minor paper that I have to take. Minor means another subject that I can teach in school, my second option. We have the chance to choose either to take Physical Education or Moral Education as our minor and I chose Moral Education and oh boy, I regret this. Why? Because all the papers for Moral Education is totally uninteresting, harder to score than PE papers, theories and philosphies I need to memorize and all the people behind those funny thoughts such as Immanuel Kant, Lawrence Kohlberg, Noam Chomsky, Howard Gardner, Karl Heinz Rummenigge, Marco Van Basten, James Stewart, Paul Newman, Bakhtiar, Amarol, just to name a few (and some are not philosophers). The papers are quite the same but with different name and lecturers throughout the years. Back to this paper, it is suppose to be the last and hardest paper of all moral papers but still, we are discussing the same thing and to my surprise the assignment is also the same as last year paper. I'm sure I will recycle my previous assignment for the second time. Duhh. The only positive note about this class is it is a mass lecturer class and I can see some decent girls on the lecture halls and I'm happy just to attend the lecture and spend my 3 hours per week looking at those girls while chatting with my friends.

Action Research
We learn about how to conduct research. But not just ordinary research where we distribute questionnaire and tarbulated the data and finally come out with rather unflattering finding such as '90% of male respondents only shower once a day' but we need to play an active role in that research. Don't scratch your scalp yet. Explanation: We find a problem, we come out with a hypothesis, we conduct the research and at the same time do some intervention to the research subject based on our hypothesis. We observe and look at the end product, if our hypothesis is prove, the intervention is going well and we score. If the end product is not we desired for or no improvement, the hypothesis is wrong and we need to start over. Kinda confusing, I know. We need to go and find a school, do some teaching and conducting a research based on our teaching. It is sure a very messy and hard task, but we are up for it.

Measurement and Assessment In Education
It's a 3-hours lecture and during the noon. This subject is about how a teacher should measure and assess the performance of the students, mainly about preparing and calculating the test and examination. We as a student hates examination right? In this subject I learn that the teacher is feeling the same way too. The teacher needs to prepare ample question, from various topics and various difficulty levels, and put them appropriately and accordingly. After the exam, the teacher needs not only to mark, but turbulated the data so the teacher can improve the next test. Whoa! No examination if I become the Education Ministry, hehe. This subject takes us back to our SPM year when we were fighting tooths and nails with Add Math subject.We have to do lots of calculation and I'm not good at calculation at all, but still that keeps me awake in the class, so no complaint. The project of this subject is we are required to come out with a perfect test scheme, from zero to the end. Viola. Looking forward to the ending.

What is sociolinguistic?According to, sociolinguistic is the study of language and linguistic behavior as influenced by social and cultural factors. I'm pretty interested with anything that has to do with 'socio' but the word 'linguistic' doesn't go well with me at all. But hey, I'm interested, at least a bit. We learn why we the human being speaks in some way, about the dialect and accent. And why the same old person talk differently in different surrounding and with different people. Why Nazmi, the ill-famed boy from Besut speaks general BM with other people but suddenly will speak in Bahasa Terengganu (Bahasa Terengganu is a language, Nazmi, 2010) when he knows that lady is from Terengganu, just an example. What excites me is we have to do a project, some sort of research. We work in pair and have been given four topics to choose from. Gender difference, code-switching, greetings and leave taking, and taboo words. You heard me, TABOO WORDS. Yes, I pick that topic instantly. I need to go around, sneak around with a notepad and maybe a voice recorder just to collect every single taboo words being spoken around. For example, I will pick a guy who have a proven track record of having a wonderful way of conveying words, especially when in frustation and anger. Okay, I will have a go at people who often curse and swear as part of my research. I will take down note about his/her gender, upbringing, situation, the audience and everything that is related to the research and brake it down on why he/she speaks that way or utter those taboo words. If he/she utter the taboo words in other language other than English, I need to translate it. For example, if my respondent is uttering 'pegi mampos la wei'. I need to translate it to 'go to hell' and explain why the respondent utter such words, the build up, the situation, and does the respondent says the same things with other group of audience. I need to scrutinize it bit by bit. And if the respondent says 'butuh', I will translate it to 'male genitalia' and the rest, you know the drill. Hey I don't mean to curse but this will be on my assignment later so why not I share with you guys right. I'm pretty excited to start this assignment and stumble into this websites and International Cursing and Swearing Dictionary that will probably help me on this project. And if I do this well enough, I might get an A for swearing so much in my academic writing. Hehe.

So there are the subjects I will face in the next two or three months. I was thinking on writing a little bit shorter but I just love to give the details, I don't really know if you guys love it but hey, I love to write. This entry is longer than Anis Izatty shortest entry so maybe I need to tone down a bit after this. Hehe. If you found the vulgar words offended, I'm sorry but I can help but to get excited on things I'm looking forward to do. So leave your comments and see ya!

Footnote: I love Barney Stinson and he's my idol. Check his blog on the latest link I added, at the bottom. I'm officially addicted to 'How I Met Your Mother' series.



shikin said...

wehhhhh pangjang gileeeeeee ok i will finish it later. sekarang aku nak g buat english assessment online dulu. my english getting sux kan so kena la buat exercise. (tak le blahhh) hahaha

rj.zyra said...

same here. I promise I'll finish reading this after I'm done with my draft.

p/s: Im liking your english ;)

anisizatyA.J said...

haha HOMYM rocks. barney sgt awesome :)

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

@zyra & @shikin:punchline nye ada kat bawah tp rasenye nobody will read till the end kot..haha..pjg sgt tulis..giler ape.

@anis:dh tgk season 1 sampai season 5 dalam masa less than 2 weeks jek..skang tgh tunggu episod 14.u know wat, i start watchin after reading ur blog..hehe..

shikin said...

tau takpe wehhhhhhhh panjang gile wehhhhhhhhhhhhh. aku tak tau ape dah nak comment sebab panjang sgt. weng je aku bile bace smpai abes @_@

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