Thursday, December 31, 2009

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Don’t Look Back In Anger – 2009 in Review

So here we are, on the last day of colourful 2009. Another year past by, another one is looming and we are hoping for nothing but good fortunes. In 2009, the great MJ pass away, Lance Armstrong made a come back, Malaysia football team won a gold medal (at last), Liverpool emerge as a title contender and sink deeper within months, Kris Allen is the 8th winner of American Idol (which I can confirm you that in 2050 if I wrote this kind of entry again I will mention the winner of American Idol 49), Fahrin Ahmad dumped (again), government decided to phase PPSMI by 2012, Malaysian is so hook up with the word ONE (ONE  Malaysia, ONE Food, ONE  Bazaar, ONE  Toilet etc.) and many eventful events that will take me years to jot down every single things that happen in 2009. So let’s scale it down and see what happens to me instead, shall we?

This year started with a bang (so cliché). There’s a monkey on my back calls responsibility, to serve people, to sacrifice everything for the good of others, and yeah to tell you the truth, I do enjoy my time with all the responsibility. It’s hard to juggle between study and extra curricular activities that take a lot of time, money and passion but I survived, I think. Love life? Started with so much hope but like always, hit stonewall in the process. Dead end. We broke up in February. I was in the period where everything turns upside down for me. Where should I start? My car broke down and I forked out my own pocket money, RM 1.5k to repair it, even though it wasn’t me who drove it and it happens during orientation week for new student and I gave my car for people to use, HEP refuses to pay. I was hit with a strong fever for two weeks and it turns out to be a dengue fever and admitted to hospital for 5 days. It was the same time I had a big problem with her and eventually we broke up shortly after that. I was carrying the pain and the only thing I really crave for is her to be by my side, and sadly, she wasn’t there. (Click here for details)

After all the negativities, I finally can get over the bad patch and moving on. I started to go out with girls again, have some fun, flirting around and etc etc. Hehe. I lay my eyes on a new girl, pursuing her with unmatched efforts but still to no avail. Haha. Unlucky in love, that is me. But still I cherished my life though; in pursuit of happiness I’ll do anything, anything. And suddenly I found my purple patch. I went to Bali, had a little sightseeing, then I was chosen to represent UUM to a homestay programme and youth forum in conjunction of Conference of Commonwealth Education Minister (CCEM 17th) in Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. I was not chosen at first but after some withdrawals, I sneak in and seriously, it was the best thing that happens to me this year. It was an international event, Commonwealth level and I’m not only representing UUM but also Malaysia. I meet lots of new friends, gathers new found knowledge, built up my confidence to a new level and so much more. And to put the icing on the cake, later that month I found that my exam result is out and I got the all time high score, and I’m on the dean’s list (Click for more details). For the first time ever and seriously I think that will be the last. Haha. You can punch me if I got another. So all I can think of is, ALLAH only tests us as far as we can take, ALLAH will never let us carry something that we won’t be able to handle. In BM, ALLAH tidak akan sekali-kali menduga hamba-Nya lebih dari yang mampu ditanggung.

After 360 days (nearly a full year) of serving the people and university, do all the unpaid duty, we were released from the duty on 10 October 2009. I was relieved; the monkey that I carried throughout the years is gone. No more waking up early to go to HEP or other offices, no more staying up late to attend countless meeting, no more skipping classes for events, no more. But that means, no more happy trips, no more glamorous banquets, no more conferences, no more rubbing shoulders with Datuks and Tan Sris, no more front row seats, no more first-class treatments all the way, no more. (Eh, it seems that the good things are more than the not-so good things that I’m waving goodbye now, aha). But it is the period to remember, where I never had that before and hopefully won’t stop here, InsyaAllah. I do had a post-MPP jitters where suddenly my discipline is up for question. I skip classes a lot after relinquishing the post, I don’t know why but heck; I should not let it happen again. I did my examination without proper preparation and the result is as expected, drop a bit but still in average, average me. Hehe. And then it comes to the longest holiday I ever had as long as I can remember. It is a usual holiday but this holiday seems so awfully long. I’m home for one whole month, broke and had nothing to spend so I shy away from the civilization and keep myself in my home for entire holiday. The result? Taraa, big, inflated and even rounder Udin. Hehe. No worry though, I learn enough from ‘The Biggest Loser’ and I will put the knowledge to practice, I wish.

So that’s it. My colourful year in my colour blind eyes’ point of view. What I cherished the most this year is I found a true friend which I can share problems and thoughts and comfortable to spend time together. And another thing is I might find my wifey-to-be, if not the person itself but maybe the personality . So let us see what 2010 have in store for us. Till we meet again.


The Exquisite Instigator said...

glad u're happy :)

sya mansor said...

i'm sooo ready to punch u. haha

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

@ilyana:hepi is a nice word!hehe
@sya:weh,pesal nk tumbok aku lak..hehe

anisizatyA.J said...

fahrin got dumped! hahaha wow so many things happened huh..same to me i cant barely keep track hehe. happy new year and goodluck for this coming 2010!

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