Friday, December 31, 2010

Change - 2010 in Review

I change every time - my friend's bio on her Twitter, I merely quote.

That thing happens to me too. I don't really change every time but still, I changed. And in the wonderful year of 2010, some things has changed.

So this year, is nothing like I expected and nothing like previous years. Bidding farewell to UUM and to my eventful university life, and turn up in Penang to finish my last year of degree. Awfully long, I know. Life in Penang hasn't change much, with the frequent visit to the malls, the beaches and the mamak stall.

Love life? I hope this is interesting to read. In April, I knew this wonderful girl, became good friend and after we met for the first time, we fell in love. Voila! But, it only lasted for a month. I let her go. Why? Because she was dating with someone else at that moment. I knew it, knew that she is someone's girl while we met but at that time, I was craving for someone and she came knocking. I truly loved her because I can see in her eyes, she truly love me. But as she said, we met at the wrong time and I know we won't last forever. I don't have the heart to ask her to leave her boyfriend for me so I decided to let her go. It was not the easiest thing to do but I manned up and after few months, both of us moved on and I'm grateful for that. For Nurul, if you read this. Meeting you was not a mistake. I truly cherished it and thanks for everything, you gave me hope to keep hoping that one day someone will love me as I am.

And she is right.

While I was nursing my paper heart that still bleed from the break-up, along come another wonderful woman. She helped me get back on my feet, believe in myself, give me reason to wake up and smile to face the world. She respects me, like me as I am and without taking too much time, I'm back as old me. Jovial. Always smiling and joking around. I have her, someone for me to share my happiness and sadness. Someone that I hope will be in my life forever...

What's the change? Nothing extra ordinary. I guess I have changed in the way I see life. We change according to the situation, to the decision we have to make, to the option we have at our disposal. That's way, we changed. I'm no different. Early 2010 Udin will proudly say "I'm not getting married before I reached 27" but now if you ask me, I will probably say I want to get married in 2011, or maybe 2012. Sorry Barney, I've violated lesson number 3 "Don't even think of getting married till you're 30". Hehe . Why? Because early 2010 Udin doesn't have a concrete idea what the marriage will be. He was worried the marriage will slow him down, worried that if he has a family on his own, he won't be able to fulfill his responsibility to his parent. But the present Udin knows, he has nothing to worried because what in his mind now is the girl that he chooses to become his future wife won't stop him from fulfilling his duty to the family. I changed because I have found one. Another example, the old me would say "no kids in my first 2 years of marriage" but now I really want a twins! You can blame it on my cousin because last raya, he went around kampung visiting relatives with his really cool wife and their twins. So sweet. I wanted a family right away! So you see, circumstances make us change. And another example, why am i talking about marriage non-stop? Because I'm getting older, I will be 24 years old in the few hours so with age, come maturity, maybe.

So that's all peeps. Sorry if I bored you. I haven't write for quite some time so pardon me for the lack of quality in my writing. Please drop your comment after reading and thanks so much for reading!

Love ya!


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

happy new year.

Lala said...

no wonder ko tnya dah survey dewan kahwin belum.. haha.. Anyhow.. Tahniah Awal!! hehe.. Mau kenal dgn si jantung hati ang.. :p

naomiashikin said...


okey dah jerit kekuat kat belog kau. now i wanna say. kureng tol kau! still tak kenalkan aku dgn gf kau bhaaaiiii. c'monnnnnn dude. at least gimme a NAME!!! haha

ok last. datang kl!! aku nak dating ngan iya nnti kau jgn jeles plak. hohohoh

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

@anisa: happy new year too!

@lala: haha tgk la cmne yek lala..hehe

@shikin:hehe..aku bukan cm ko wekk!!kim slam kt iya la yek..bln 3 br turun kl kot

awall udinn'ALFIE'starr said...

@anisa: happy new year too!

@lala: haha tgk la cmne yek lala..hehe

@shikin:hehe..aku bukan cm ko wekk!!kim slam kt iya la yek..bln 3 br turun kl kot

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